Mole Removal

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Mole Removal at Medico Global Clinic Manila

Moles are common and often appears in every part of the body including the face. Moles on face are easily seen and can be often easly recognized. Moles can be a beauty for some and may appear unattractive for others as well.

Moles can be raised or flat. Raised moles sometimes rub against your clothing and become infected or irritated. Most moles are normal, and they’re usually harmless. But sometimes they can turn cancerous. Let your doctor check them first.

We provide a safe and thorough procedure to remove moles that are either unattractive, uncomfortable, or both.

Our doctor will perform a thorough mole check, advising on what procedure of removal is required.


Moles that protrude from the skin can simply be shaved away by the dermatologist under local anaesthetic. A scalpel is used to shave the mole allowing it to be flush with the surrounding skin. Then using an electrical instrument, the doctor cauterizes the area to stop any bleeding. A topical antibiotic is then applied to reduce risk of infection. Shaving removes the protruding surface of the mole, but it can leave mole cells beneath the skin and may grow back. Shaving is a relatively straightforward and painless that requires no stitches. A pink mark may be left, which will fade over time.



For excision of the mole, under a local anaesthetic, the dermatologist uses a scalpel to cut the mole and a border of good skin surrounding it. A small stitch in the skin is required and will either be placed deep within the skin, or on the upper surface, depending on the depth of the excision. A small scar will be left, which will fade over time.

Q. Do moles that have been removed regrow?

Ans: Mole do sometimes regrow and maybe still alive after it was removed. It happens not too often but it is a possiblity that mole grow back. If this happens, additional treatment of removal may be required. That doesn’t mean that your mole is untreatable. Eliminating agressive mole permanently requires that roots of the mole to be destroyed. 


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