Mesoestetic Melanogel touch (roll-on)

  • Mesoestetic Melanogel touch (roll-on)

    The depigmenting cosmetic ingredients of this solution works to inhibit the enzymatic mechanism that produces melanin. This effect leads to the reduction and elimination of skin spots of a melanic origin after continued use of the solution. Apply three of four times daily on skin spots using the roll-on.

    Correcting the skin spots of imperfections of a melanic origin. The cosmetic treatment of melasma and hyperchromoia of the skin. Apply three or four times a day on skin spots using the roll on. Skin should be clean and dry

    Active Ingredients:
    Kojic Acid, Glyceryl, Alpha Arbutin, Clycirrhiza Calabra, Salicicylic Acid

    Size: 15ml