Stretchmarks Removal


Laser Treatments for Stretch Marks 


Reason of stretch marks is mainly due to weight gain, pregnancy and body growth. 
Skin leads to stretching causing unwanted marks in the body. Weight gain also can lead to stretching of the skin around the waist and breasts. 


Stretch marks typically occur around areas where weight gain is the most prominent such as the abdomen, breasts, and thighs. 

Over time these unsightly marks can fade from red and purple to white but they never completely disappear. Often when women lose weight after pregnancy, they still don’t get rid of the stretch marks. 

Although stretch marks don’t have any medical implications, for many people, they are simply unpleasant to look at. They feel less confident and try to keep a distance from their partners. 


One of the greatest breakthroughs of the decade, the CO2 fractional laser treatment aka laser skin resurfacing, has enabled many people to get that body they dream about.


Stretchmarks for:
Stomach Area