Genital Warts Removal at Medico Global Clinic Manila

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Genital Warts spreads easily and should be cured as soon as possible.


Should you develop warts, don't wait for them to go away. Treat them right away because they are highly infectious. Genital warts can be transmitted by male or female.

They're often described as having a cauliflower-like texture and are typically difficult to see. In most cases, they're attached together. It can be seen in the genital area, anus or cervix. It is itchy, painful and feels a burning sensation along the affected area. 


Surgery - You may need surgery to remove larger warts, warts that don't respond to medications or Electrocautery - This procedure uses an electrical current to burn off warts. You may have some pain and swelling after the procedure.

We offer very hygienic and safe procedure done by medical professionals both male or female doctors.

Procedure take 30mins to 1 hour depends to the number of warts.

We adhere to personal confidentiality of our patients.

We suggest that you call us to have your appointment, so that you will be treated in time and without any disturbance from other patients.

We normally prefer in the morning schedule as it is not peak time for other patients.



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