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Mole Removal at Medico Global

Whether you want to get rid of a mole that mars your skin or makes you uncomfortable, you definitely won’t go wrong with Medico Global’s Mole Removal!

Don’t worry about going under the knife, so to speak, because Medico Global’s Mole Removal Procedure is completely and utterly safe. Here’s how it works: After a consultation where you point out which mole/s in which area of the body you want to remove, you’ll be penciled in for a session. The chosen area will be cleansed and sanitized, and then local anesthesia is applied. The injected anesthetic helps with the procedure because the anesthetic causes the growth to rise upward, making it easier to remove. The doctor will then cut the growth off with a sharp razor by making multiple horizontal cuts. You may feel a pushing sensation as the cuts are made, but you should not feel pain. The edges of the wound will be then smoothened out, and any cells from the growth that have been left behind will be removed. It will leave minimal to practically unnoticeable scars. You’ll come out of Medico Global flaunting flawless, unblemished skin and a happier you!

Medico Global is a center dedicated to beauty, health, and relaxation that offers non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. They are managed by dependable staff with medical expertise and are committed to deliver excellent results consistently and safely.


Medico Global Medical and Skin Care Clinic


58 Bayani Road, Western Bicutan,

Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Landline +632 8380918

Smart +63928 8937264


Medico Global Medical and Skin Care Clinic


32 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Globe 09560143575

Smart 09189241900


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