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Need a Mole Removal?

Need a Mole Removal? Mole removal can be done using various methods. It depends in the size and type of mole. The patient will be assessed before it is done. It can be done using surgical excision, laser cautery and surgical shaving.

It will also depend in the doctor’s technique and skill on how to make a clean excision. Your doctor will numb the mole area and use a scalpel and or laser to cut out the mole.

The skin usually will scar but eventually, scar usually fades off in time. Some moles are deeply rooted that it sometimes reappear. With this situation, we suggest to undergo another surgical removal. Do not worry as it really happens for small to big moles but not most of the time. Please schedule a consultation to determine what treatment will be most effective for you. - Procedure time : 10-15 minutes - Hospital stay : Not required - Going back to routines : after 2 days - Stitch removal : Usually Not required - Downtime : 7-10 days healing Medico Global Clinic Taguig Branch 59 Bayani Road, Western Bicutan, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines Contact details: Landline +632 838 0918 Smart +63928 8937264 Medico Global Clinic Timog Ave. Branch 2nd Floor, Unit 202 New Grange Condotel , Timog Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines Contact details: Globe 09560143575 Smart 09189241900 Land line +6328380918 Email:

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